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OrGano Gold Simple Tips to Grow Your Business!

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OrGano Gold Simple Tips to Grow Your Business!

When you first get in your OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee home based business, write out your plans and goals! I’m sure you’ve heard it said many times before… “Most people never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan”. Take the time to write out your plans and goals. Be realistic, but be tough on yourself. Push yourself. One of my favorite Napoleon Hill quotes is “What your mind can conceive, it can achieve”.

Conceive your OrGano Gold highest possible goals.

So conceive your highest possible OrGano Gold goals and then make the decision that you are going to make it happen 1 step at a time.  If your goal is to GO OrGano Gold DIAMOND in 6 months plan on enrolling 20 NEW Reps on your Right hand side and 20 on your LEFT hand side…  REMEMBER it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s COFFEE! Also set your plan to accomplish your 20 / 20 within 6 months or less.  In Networking SPEED is your best friend.

Get Strarted with OrGano Gold

Get started immediately. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start. That will never happen. Jump in and get started… Not now but Right Now! When you treat your OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee network marketing business as a serious, full-time business, and it will quickly become one.

Don’t focus your attention on trying to sponsor the “big hitter” who tells you that they are going to bring in 120 people their firs day. Sure, it would be nice, but don’t get caught up in the hype and emotion. It takes a team effort and the team must set their goals then take action just as you have.

The BIG question becomes, if your team started to duplicate your efforts what would it look like?

Know that some people will say NO!  Some people will tell you they are going to “Make you rich” and then they quit. Not everyone is going to want what you have. There are some people that you could put a huge pile of Gold in their front yard, and they would still walk right on by it. Or, they simply will not believe it’s Gold. Don’t get discouraged. There are literally MILLIONS of people wanting what you have.

Did you realize many North Americans woke up this morning praying for an opportunity to generate extra income for their families.  Here OG comes along with an opportunity for everyday people to start on the road to financial independence, one Healthy cup of coffee at a time!

Follow up! This is the single most important factor to your OrGano Gold success. You have probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up. People will rarely call you back, but they will join you if you follow up and show them you care about their needs. Call them and ask how things are going…or at least email them. By following up with everyone, you will sponsor new business partners in your OrGano Gold business.

And finally… Have patience. Big incomes never happen overnight. And this is especially true if you are also working a full-time job or two somewhere. It may take you a year or two to obtain your personal income goal and quit your current job. If you knew that you could be doing your OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee home business full-time in only a year from now…would it be worth the wait?


Shane Morand, GMD

PS – Your feedback and comments are always welcomed!



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  • Blake

    I’m 20 years old. I love this business. And I love the coffee and the products. The leadership is incrediable. I am inspired everyday of my life because of OG. i I just got introduced in the network marketing industry and Im learning a whole lot. I am so excited for the future:)

  • alejandra banzo

    There are millions waiting….It’s so simple!!!. Thank you Mr Shane Morand that is exactly what I need to hear today!!

  • Nana Quasi Dollar

    i would want to sign up for the OG business but im in Ghana and OG have not reached Ghana yet so any help for me? Mr Morand

  • Manny Ruiz

    Ive been in the business for about a year. There are no words to describe how amazing the coffee is. Not dual team qualified yet but I know eventually people will look for these amazing products.