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RN – Mom Discovers OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee

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OrGano Gold Healthy CoffeeRN, Mom Discovers OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee

Gina’s Healthy Coffee Story

My name is Gina Turner, I live in Regina SK.  and I am a Registered Nurse in the Regina Emergency and ICU, however currently I am on maternity leave. My experience before OrGano Gold included my 8-month-old son waking up 6 to 8 times a night. I was functioning poorly on a daily basis, my mood was terrible and my IBS was worsening. I was nursing my son, and would find myself consuming coffee just to function (¾ of the time it was decaf) but this became a cyclical beast. I decided to call my friend Lee and wanted to try the healthy coffee she had been telling me about many times as I needed a change… what I was doing was not working for me.  So that’s my background and this is my story…

My Healthy Coffee Experience

DAY 1 – I became an OG healthy coffee customer and quit regular coffee completely and I was surprised I did not experience any “withdrawals” at all.  What an amazing start!

DAY 2– After only 2 days of consumption, my son awoke only 2 times during the night.  I felt an increase in my awareness and an increased mental clarity and my energy was increasing.

DAY 4 – My IBS symptoms were not as severe, I could have a bowel movement without having to take my magnesium supplements.

DAY 7 – I felt lighter mentally and physically (lost 2 lbs), my exercise runs where amazing I felt as though I had an oxygen mask and did not have to concentrate on my breathing.  Day 7 was the day I put my regular coffee pot down in my basement.  At this point I thought if this healthy coffee product can accomplish this in my body in such a short period of time, then imagine how many others I could help simply by introducing them to a Healthy Coffee they did not even know existed.

DAY 8 – This was the day I decided to I sign on as an OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee Distributor.

June 8th, 2010 was my first live training session with Shane Morand in Regina, Sask.  As I listened to the 4 Steps to Success Training, I was making my lists of contacts at the same time. Shane put a challenge out, who could sell the most boxes of healthy coffee within 24 hours would receive $200 of OG product. Well a challenge, not a problem I thought, and think about the people I could help by introducing them to this amazing healthy coffee product line…

We wrapped up at midnight, and as I was driving home I thought that I hadn’t stopped in the Regina ER for a while to say hello and I pre-sold 3 boxes of healthy coffee . At home, I sent out a few emails to some friends, sold some more. I was up at 5 am for my exercise run then got on Facebook, connected with a few friends and sold a few more boxes of healthy coffee . The true experience came when I simply picked up the phone to actually speak with people and tell them about the OrGano Gold healthy coffee products and how they had already enhanced my own life. Within in 16 hours I sold 45 boxes of healthy coffee, and was on a high of energy so great that I didn’t come down for a week! “This is Something I Can Do!”

Since then I have now put in 4 orders, all have included cases, not just boxes. In hind-sight I should have purchased the Gold pack, but purchased the silver and now will be upgrading to the GOLD as the healthy coffee orders keep coming in and people Love the OG product line and the results they are experiencing.

I want to thank Lee and Dave Bojic for introducing me to this wonderful gift called OrGano Gold and the healthy coffee .  If you know RN’s or people who work in hospitals… YES! They all drink regular coffee or tea at least occasionally and they are now discovering OrGano Gold’s Healthy Coffee!

Gina Turner
Regina, Sask.


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