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OrGano Gold – RED CARPET VIP Super Saturday

Do You or anyone you know want to be ORGANO GOLD Pack Qualified NOW?

OrGano Gold BREAKING NEWS: 24 Hours ONLY

Houston Texas, RED CARPET VIP Super Saturday

OrGano Gold announced a LIMITED TIME offer to attendees and their team members and OrGano Gold prospects who have not yet joined OrGano Gold to get themselves GOLD PACK Qualified today. Now is YOUR TIME!  OrGano Gold has released a limited quantity “Special Promotional Pack” that will Rank advance OrGano Gold Distributors, and even YOUR prospects who have not yet joined but you MUST get the details NOW!

OrGano Gold Limited Promotional Pack Details

The details are available from the following sources so contact your Team mates and OrGano Gold  prospects and do not get left behind.  Here is how you can get the information on how to take advantage of this promotional offer.


2) MILLIONAIRE MENTORSHIP call with Holton Buggs Sunday Night  9:00 pm EST – Put your Guests, Prospects, Leaders and Coffee Drinkers on this call. INFO HERE

3) TEAM TALK – Leadership Monday 10:00 PM EST Put your Leaders on this call. INFO HERE

Here are the benefits of being OrGano Gold Pack Qualified:

1) 20 % Weekly Payout on your Dual Team Weekly Bonus

2) Earn UP TO $2,500 on your Dual Team Weekly Bonus

3) 20 % Matching Bonus on every personally sponsored OG Distributor

Being OrGano GOLD pack qualified is the highest rank you can achieve in the prior to the LEADERSHIP levels.  You, your team members and even your prospects can become OrGano GOLD pack qualified so make sure you pass this info on to everyone you know TODAY!


Project 50 Thousand was unveiled and the vision of OrGano Gold it’s absolutely breath taking!  The first of 20 cites selected is ATLANTA, GA!  The tickets are available now and this event is almost SOLD OUT!  The tickets are only $99.00 but will be increasing to $150.00 until it SELLS OUT!  This event will SELL OUT!

Project 50 Thousand

Atlanta Tickets. This event will be held at the Georgia International Convention Center on September 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, GA. For TICKETS visit – OrGano Gold, the Treasures of the Earth for the People of the World!



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