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OG CARES FOUNDATION: Empowering Youth Around the World

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OrGano Gold is a company that believes in developing leaders and encouraging everyone to be all that they can be and to believe in themselves. So we created the OG Cares Foundation with the purpose of enriching the lives of our youth with the skills, knowledge, and tools for them to become the next generation of inspiring leaders!

Around the world there are many youth who struggle with life, as they live without the necessary resources and tools that can help them overcome poverty and discord. The OG Cares Foundation recognizes this fact, and we recognize that every youth has the potential to become a leader in their own right. The OG Cares Foundation is determined to help make their lives the best that they can be. The purpose of the organization is to provide the needed resources, knowledge, and tools to enrich the lives of these youth and future leaders. Getting this kind of support and assistance will hopefully give them a positive outlook in life and help them improve their chances to succeed through their ventures.

“Empowering youth around the world with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in their communities.”

The main goal of the OG Cares Foundation is to help as many youth as we can, in as many countries as possible all over the world, in developing within them the leadership skills needed to go through any obstacles they encounter. We offer them opportunities and do activities wherein they become productive and engaged members of their communities. We also make it possible that the necessary resources are available to them in order to build their leadership skills. The OG Cares Foundation hope that our belief in our youth today will help develop them into inspiring and admired leaders of tomorrow.

Just recently in New Orleans, OG Diamonds pitched in and spent the Diamond Day helping the city stand up again after Hurrican Isaac. Past programs of OG Cares include feeding programs and sports club activities in the Philippines and scholarships in China. The OG Cares Foundation is about giving back and ensuring the future of great leadership. So the foundation has specifically focused on our children and youth and help them become leaders of their generation!


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