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SHANE MORAND Featured in Networking Times as a MASTER NETWORKER

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Having an amazingly successful career in network marketing has made OrGano Gold Global Master Distributor SHANE MORAND a master in the business of networking. With all his accomplishments since finishing college — becoming the youngest vice president of sales in the history of a major printing company in Ottawa, becoming a certified facilitator, promoting seminars, and now one of the co-founders of the most admirable company in the world — he has gained a great amount of knowledge and wisdom in achieving success and becoming a top class leader. He is truly a MASTER NETWORKER, and he is one of the leaders featured in Network Marketing Times Magazine.

Simplicity Works Best
(Shane Morand: Equal-Opportunity Entrepreneurship)

SIMPLICITY WORKS BEST chronicles Shane Morand’s journey to achieving the success and leadership status he has today. It also highlights how OrGano Gold came to be, and the basic principles behind the OG SYSTEM. It also tells how Shane was influenced deeply by the teachings in Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH. Read the article now and know that we are following a true leader and master networker in the network marketing industry.



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  • Sylvia

    Congratulations, Mr. Shane Morand! You are top notch and world class!

  • Congratulations…..

  • You are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Sam Oum


    I am inspired!!! by your drive and success, and the simplicity of OG. Please keep it up. I will do my share.


    Congratulations , Your experience in leadership , feel the diference ! Thanks for the oportunity. Mircea

  • Cogratulations Shane, Go OG Australia, Queensland, Buderim
    Auzzzie Auzzzie Auzzzie Oi Oi Oi !

  • Rebecca R

    Very Impressive…very inspiring…Very Simple. Congrats!