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SULAIMAN RAHMAN: How To Influence People To Attend Events

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This week we had OrGano Gold Diamond SULAIMAN RAHMAN back at hosting the weekly Millionaire Mentorship call, and he gave loads of tips and information on just how to bring about the VITAL SIGNS OF THE OG BUSINESS, one of which is attending and promoting events. We all know that the OG EVENTS are a huge part of the OG SYSTEM and GETTING PLUGGED IN. So our mentor for the week mainly talked of HOW TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO ATTEND THE OG EVENTS.


Before proceed to the main topic of getting people to come and attend the OG events, Sulaiman Rahman first enumerated the VITAL SIGNS OF THE OG BUSINESS, which are the following:

1.  You and your team are SHOWING THE PLAN
2.  You have TOOLS flowing through your organization
3.  Attending and Promoting the OG events

Mr. Sulaiman Rahman then proceeded to give us important tips on how to influence people into attending the events. It’s been noted that the events have become very significant in signing people up into the organization and getting them excited and ready to have the number 1 lifestyle in the world. So it’s important for every OG distributor to know just how to get people to attend the events and conferences. Sulaiman Rahman gives us 10 ELEMENTS OF PROMOTING AN EVENT:

1.     Starts with Thinking Much Bigger
2.     Make sure you have emotion (passion, energy, etc.) when announcing an event
3.     Edification of the speaker/leader
4.     Repetition
5.     Multitude of voices talking about the event
6.     Speaking multitude of languages with regards to the personalities of different people
7.     Create an emotional and personal attachment to the event
8.     Understand that people are motivated by the Pressure of Gain and Fear of Loss
9.     Be good at Telling Stories
10.   Recognition as a Reward




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