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Our host and mentor for this week’s Millionaire Mentorship call brings our attention to that time in the month we call the RED ZONE and why it is the most exciting time of the month in our Calendar. Organo Gold Blue Diamond EMMANUEL BERNSTEIN also stresses the importance of a WINNING MINDSET in order to get to where the top leaders of Organo Gold are right now — which is at the top of the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry! Our mentor Emmanuel Bernstein also shares to us the brilliance of the company’s EVENT SYSTEM, and why attending events is crucial for the growth of our OG business.


To succeed in Organo Gold, like Holton Buggs, Shane Morand, Jose Ardon, John Sachtouras, David Imonitie, and the rest of our top leaders, you need to have the right kind of mindset.. THE WINNING MINDSET! You need to think like a winner, and winners keep on pushing forward until they get things done and get to their goal of success!

We can show how we are winners the most in the RED ZONE. As a refresher, the White Zone is the first 10 days of the month in our Calendar, the Blue Zone is the next 10 days, and the Red Zone is the last 10 days of the month. It is the time of the month where we can expect an increase in our volume, more sales, more business coming.. it is that time of the month where we need to use our winning mindset and focus on doing the following:

1. Take a look into your own order/autoship and your organization (Check that you have product/coffee coming through and available always!)
2. Make sure that your people get qualified into the company, especially the new ones (Help them set up their dual system properly and effectively)
3. Get yourself at the Gold Pack level during the Red Zone!
4. Understand that the RED ZONE is the great way to go back and revisit those people that you exposed on the first part of the month.

Mr. Emmanuel Bernstein also talked of Organo Gold’s EVENT SYSTEM. All OG distributors know by now the power of the events, and how it is the biggest factor in bringing in prospects and new distributors. Events give us education, inspiration, motivation, and the means to move on to the next level in the business. We should master the ART OF PROMOTION when it comes to these events. And we ourselves should build ourselves for the events! RECOGNITION is a big part of our company and we always give recognition to our successful distributors in big events. When we think of getting to the top, we should also think of how we will be recognized in the events when we finally reach our dreams.

The Millionaire Mentorship call was ended by the Blue Diamond imparting to us to Visualize and Verbalize; say it out loud that you are the next Sapphire or Ruby or Emerald or Diamond, over and over again, and it will manifest itself and if we put our actions to that belief then it will happen!

Mr. Emmanueal Bernstein also likes to tell us to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL… in a good way, of course! Lie in bed tonight, and visualize yourself as one of the top OG leaders and a millionaire. Cheat yourself from all of the troubles and distractions, or any extracurricular activity that hinders your focus on the OG business. And then steal from the lives of Jose Ardon, Holton Buggs, and all the other successful leaders in the company. Take from them the lessons they willingly impart to all of us and use them to move onto the next level!




  • Dianne Slater

    For me Timing was a Devine appointment when at exactly the right moment when a chain of events led me literally face to face – with a young man- in an Orange polo shirt, wearing sun glasses and wearing what I can only describe as the “Brightest Organo Gold Smile”in the entire Charlotte, NC Airport – mine being the second! The man standing facing me is OG Blue Diamond Emanuel Bernstein! “You mean the Emanuel Bernstein The Millionaire Mentor on ORgano Gold Radio?”
    With his biggest and brightest Texas Howdy he said, “Yes!”

  • Dianne, It’s no secret… Super E is not only one of the best mentors in the industry, he have the pleasing personality that some would trade millionaires for. I wish you success on your road to DIAMOND!

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