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VIP Super Saturdays Coming This MAY 2013

All of our OrGano Gold leaders and Diamonds will tell you the same thing as OG Diamond Taurea Avant said on her Millionaire Mentorship call just this Sunday: Attend all OG events you are qualified to attend! To put it in Taurea Avant’s words, “It doesn’t make sense that you can’t come to an event because you have no money, because you are in the business of making money!” The events are also very significant in the growth of our OG business, as it one of the vital factors pulling in prospects and new distributors into the business.

There are many events going on this month of April. But as early as now, we encourage everyone to purchase their tickets for events that will be happening on the next month of MAY 2013. There are especially four events that should be noted on the calendar.


There are three VIP Super Saturdays occurring on May, two of which are Spanish presentations. The first is the VIP Red Carpet Super Saturday in Anaheim, California, on May 4th and 5th. The next one is in New York, on May 11th and 12th. Don’t be discouraged to come just because it will be held with a different language. As always, there will be translators. And at the very core of it is the LANGUAGE OF SUCCESS and that is way more important than knowing only English or Spanish, especially when you’re in a business that is globally growing.





Then we have the VIP Super Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 25th and 26th. Then on the 27th, in the same place and after the Super Saturday event, all women of OG are invited for the OG Women Who Win luncheon!





These are the places to be next month. GO HERE to purchase your tickets, book hotel accommodations, and mark them on your calendars!