ORGANO™ Gourmet Coffee

Be At Every OG Event You Are Qualified To Go To!

This week’s Millionaire Mentorship call features two of the company’s successful network marketers and coffee millionaires sharing everything they learned from past events in general and the VIP Super Saturday event just this weekend in Anaheim, California. Organo Gold Diamond consultant Ms. STORMY WELLINGTON and Blue Diamond Mr. BASS GRANT made an impressive mentoring duo as they equally traded and shared with us the speakers and the lessons from the the first Red Carpet Super Saturday of the month. They highlighted the wisdom and the experiences of the OG leaders who spoke at the event, and also instilled within us once again the importance of attending events that we are qualified to go to.


The EVENT SYSTEM has always been a huge part in the growth of Organo Gold, allowing our distributors to grow into competent and confident leaders and also drawing in more prospects and people into the company. It is where you get inspired and begin to believe, and where you start to assimilate knowledge and share experiences with the leaders and mentors of the industry. Diamonds Stormy Wellington and Bass Grant expounded on these through the call, recalling the various and inspiring talks and workshops with our top networkers such as our VP of Sales Mr. HOLTON BUGGS, Crown Diamonds Mr. JOSE ARDON and Mr. DAVID IMONITIE, Blue Diamonds Mr. FRANCISCO VAZQUEZ and Ms. CASEY NILSEN, and many more!

GO TO EVERY EVENT YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO GO TO! BRING AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN WITH YOU! If you come by yourself, you learn a lot. But if you bring people with you, you EARN a lot! These are the main lessons we can get from this Millionaire Mentorship call. It does not even matter if the event is done in Spanish. You will still learn a lot, because it’s all about communicating about SUCCESS and not about the difference in languages. It’s also about Organo Gold as the greatest opportunity we can have right now!

In closing the call, OG Diamond Stormy Wellington says, “Organo Gold is the difference between where you are right now and where it is that you desire to go.”