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EDWIN WAYNES: Do What’s Necessary To Win!

For this week’s Millionaire Mentorship call we have Organo Gold Blue Diamond Mr. EDWIN HAYNES taking the reins and leading us through the path of success. In his journey towards becoming a coffee millionaire and a Blue Diamond, he has stated that MASSIVE ACTION IS THE KEY. This means getting the product out to many people, preparing yourself for rejections and NO’s and other obstacles, and just DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO WIN AND SUCCEED.


ORGANO GOLD IS NOW A WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT! With the many Diamonds the company has produced since its foundation, and the continuing increase in its millionaires, there’s just no sign of slowing down. Just last weekend it was announced, with great pride and excitement, that the Philippines suddenly have 2 BLACK DIAMONDS and 9 DIAMONDS, including a 16-year-old girl who teamed up with her mother to build the business!!! And we’re not stopping there!

OG Blue Diamond Mr. Edwin Haynes pointed out in the call that all you need to do to become one of the Diamonds and above is to do the work, get through the challenges in your way, and stay focused. Stop rubbernecking in the road of life and start focusing. Follow the 4 STEPS, follow the OG SYSTEM, be prepared, commit and stay in the game! DO WHAT’S NECESSARY TO WIN. BE THE PERSON YOU NEED TO BE TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Some people have the problem of being afraid to become someone different, and that’s usually why they don’t make it in network marketing. But this is what it takes to be successful in the industry, so do what’s necessary. Other tips that Mr. Edwin Haynes has for us are the following:

  • Recommitting or committing to the decision that you made to build the business and making sure you counsel with the right person
  • Being in focus
  • Be prepared for the battle of your life!

And as you go through your path, it helps to envision your financial freedom, your time freedom. Always go for your dreams because the may just come true!