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JETT: Facilitate Change and Believe!

Before we go into this week’s Millionaire Mentorship call, we’d like to share a piece of good news!

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For this week, we have Organo Gold Diamond JETT, who is based in Thailand and is growing stronger in his OG business and MLM network. How does he do it, you ask? The answer is in this call! Diamond Jett is a leader and a millionaire, and this is so because he is a follower of THE POWER OF BELIEVING! In the call, he greatly and enthusiastically shares the influence of the belief system in a person, that believing in something and working to achieve it what can lead someone into a successful leader and millionaire.


Now in order to build up a personal system of belief and actions in order to be a leader and millionaire, you need to FACILITATE CHANGE and set an environment in which your belief will facilitate you in getting what you want. You can do this through the tools of POSITIVE SELF-TALK, STATEMENT, and VISUALIZATION. Basically, it’s about our thoughts becoming reality if believe those thoughts to be true. THOUGHT PLUS EMOTION CREATES CONVICTION, AND CONVICTION CREATES REALITY!

Diamond Jett also talks about getting tied in the system of Organo Gold. This includes getting plugged into the news of the company, attending events, listening to the calls, the 4 Steps, the 18-month commitment… You need to put in the work. Believe that you can achieve the things that leaders like Mr. HOLTON BUGGS and Mr. SHANE MORAND have achieved. Believe that you can be millionaires like Crown Diamonds Mr. JOSE ARDON and Mr. DAVID IMONITIE. Then make that decision to commit to the activity involved to getting there, despite all the rejection that you will be receiving through the process. And you really will encounter rejection and get a lot of NO’s and there will be people who will quit. When these things happen, don’t let it bother you because these are things you cannot control. Instead focus on the two things you CAN control: YOUR ATTITUDE and YOUR ACTIVITY.

Diamond Jett also took the time to share to us some concrete tools we can use to inspire us and instill in us the power of believing. The books you read, the audio you listen to, and the people you associate with are major ways wherein you can facilitate the change you need to become a leader and millionaire. Here’s a couple of books that he shared to us in the call that you may want to read through:

Think and Grow Rich – Napoelon Hill
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker
Your First Year in Network Marketing – Mark Yarnell
The Ultimate Secret For Getting Absolutely Everything You Want – Mike Hernacki
Rhinoceros Success – Scott Alexander
The Instant Millionaire – Mark Fisher
The Magic of Believing – Claude Bristol
As a Man Thinketh / As a Woman Thinketh – James Allen and Dorothy Hulst
How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
Beyond Positive Thinking – Dr. Robert Anthony