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Network Marketing is Like a Jungle

It’s a little late but … H A P P Y   F A T H E R S   D A Y !!!

This week we have Organo Gold Blue Diamond Mr. SULAIMAN RAHMAN hosting the Millionaire Mentorship call. In the call, he likened network marketing to a jungle, and adapted the concepts of Murphy’s Committee into building your OG business. The gist of it all is that we have to be prepared for some of the obstacles in the business, things that can knock us off the industry. We have to recognize that OUR MINDSET can be either our enemy or our greatest tool in our success.


Murphy’s Committee is an audio program or CD by Jerry Clark, and it talks of NETWORK MARKETING LIKE A JUNGLE. It shares the concept that not everyone is taught how to survive in the Jungle. Most of us are instead taught how to survive in the “cow pastures,” as he refers to it. Murphy’s Committee gives out the differences between the Jungle and the Cow Pastures, and presents a philosophy on how you can survive in the industry of Network Marketing. Blue Diamond Mr. Sulaiman Rahman adapts the concepts of this program into the development of successful leaders in OG:

Committee No. 1: Negative People Around You
You meet new people in the industry of network marketing, including people who are not going to believe in you and try to bring you down. To survive, you need to have a strong mindset of moving on despite this kind of people. Don’t let negative people mess with your mind. Make that resolve to keep moving forward!


Committee No. 2: Pop Ups, specifically Financial Problems
A bill pops up as an obstacle. There’s the rent, a house foreclosure notice, debts to pay… Do not let these keep you back and off track. Don’t have a problem with the autoship. Don’t let the financial side keep you back from doing what’s necessary.


Committee No. 3: Emotional Things Thrown At You
There will be emotional stuff thrown at you when you build your business. It could be your mother’s funeral, the birth of your child, or any relationship problems. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle comes from the household. Many of our OG Diamonds and leaders went through emotional turmoils of their own and they were able to overcome them.




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