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Black Diamonds and Diamonds from OG Philippines!

We had two fantastic events back in early June in the Philippines to honor and introduce to the OG international family 2 new BLACK DIAMONDS and 9 DIAMONDS that just had us amazed!

It was all a big surprise considering 1) OG has been in the Philippines for 3-4 years and there was not a single Diamond that broke through until just months ago; 2) one of the NEW BLACK DIAMONDS only had hours (HOURS!) of becoming a Blue Diamond before they rose up to Black Diamond rank; 3) the short amount of time it took from only one Diamond months ago to 9 Diamonds and 2 Black Diamonds!

This sudden breakout news just had to be attended and celebrated by the top leaders of Organo Gold. The event was a HUGE SUCCESS, and everyone got to see their favorite power trio — Founder and CEO Mr. BERNIE CHUA, Executive VP of Sales and one of the top ranking network marketers Mr. HOLTON BUGGS, and Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Mr. SHANE MORAND! OG Philippines was also excited to see that OG VP of Internation Operations Mr. NORM PERRETT was also in attendance, along with Regional Manager in Asia Mr. SUNNY OOI. It was the biggest OG event in the Philippines to date, and we’re hoping that it will be bigger and grander next year!


OG Black Diamond Mrs. Lilia Bautista with a couple of our OG Diamonds!


OG Black Diamond Mr. Vic Daganas with the rest of our OG Diamonds on stage!


OG Founder Mr. Bernie Chua, Co-Founder, Global Master Distributor Mr. Shane Morand and VP of Sales Mr. Holton Buggs, with the first Black Diamond in Asia Mr. Vic Daganas with his family

  • Jorge Benevides

    Family OG international independent distributors

    Wish success in 2013

    First Black Diamond in Asia Mr. Vic Daganas

  • Jorge Benevides

    Philippines on the way to of success

    Best wishes everybody

  • Rosalba Candelaria

    Best wishes to everybody in Philippines.

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas!