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OrGano Gold Malaysia had an amazing end to the month of July with the OG Experience Weekend Seminar, which was packed with some of the top ranking OG distributors and leaders in Malaysia and from other parts of the world. OG Black Diamonds STEVE and RHONDA MARTIN were special guests and speakers in the event, and that alone warranted an impressive audience. OG Vice President of Southeast Asia Mr. SUNNY OI was also in attendance, and OG Black Diamond Mr. VIC DAGANAS from the Philippines also gave out an inspiring speech.

The OG Experience Weekend Seminar also introduced qualifying Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds of OG Malaysia! OG Sapphire Mr. JIMMY WONG took to the stage and delivered a very inspiring speech, as did the OG Diamonds introduced to everyone. Take a look at the video below to view the highlights of the event.

LIVE YOUR DREAMS! This is OG Malaysia!




Director’s Cut Recap of the OG Experience Weekend Seminar July 2013


And here’s another video recap of the Jungle themed OG Experience Weekend Seminar, July 27-28, 2013: