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Skills You Need in OG To Handle Changes

OrGano Gold Diamond Mr. BARRY COCHEU once again takes the helm in this week’s Millionaire Mentorship call, and steering us in the direction where there will be a lot of changes in our life. In this direction is where lies the major change called OPPORTUNITY. And if we make the decision to jump for it, to join this income opportunity home based business called OrGano Gold, then we have to be prepared for a lot of shifts in our life. We need to be prepared, and getting ready is not all about knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s all about WHAT WE DO with what happens next. OG Diamond Mr. Barry Cocheu gives out points to help in this call.


First off, OG Diamond Barry Cocheu reminds us to treat this residual income opportunity as a business. Then comes the talk of the changes that will happen, external things we cannot control and the philosophy and thinking that we can change and develop to brave what’s going to happen. In order to overcome whatever problems and difficulties that may come our way, we have to realize that it is really up to us, on what we do. It is not about what happens that is going to determine our future. It’s what we do with what happens that will be the determining factor. In order to ensure that we do this, the first thing that we have to do is to change our philosophy and thinking, to correct the errors of our past and shape our methods to overcome challenges.

Keep in mind that our philosophy should be the sum total of information we gather from as many resources as we possibly can. In line with this lesson is the fact that we are the ones that have to make important changes in our lives in order to succeed. In OG Diamond Barry Cocheu’s words:

“Wish for the skills needed to handle the change that was gonna be constant. Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish to be better. You can’t wish for less problems, problems are gonna happen. Wish for more skills to overcome those problems. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom. You can’t grow without wisdom. Wish for the skills required to manage the changes that are going to occur…”

OG Diamond Barry Cocheu proceeded to give out a couple of skills that we can use to grow and develop into betterment and success:

  • the skill of learning how to access and to gain consumers
  • the skill of recruiting and learning how to become a good sponsor
  • the skill of getting people to work together
  • the skill of promoting and knowing the value of recognition
  • the skill of communication, how to to train and to teach, and have the ability to inspire

OG Barry Cocheu also talked about the how the greatest gift in life is living a great life! He gives out three things for a great life to be possible: productivity, making good friends, and spirituality (in the sense that you should study, and you should practice, and you should teach). He also discussed how valuable having family and friends with you is, how the power of your inner circle can get you through challenges.