ORGANO™ Gourmet Coffee

Laws Of Building Your OG Business

It’s been 2 weeks but we are still on a high from the OG Las Vegas STAND UNITED international convention. But this shouldn’t stop us from continuing our weekly Millionaire Mentorship calls. Last week, it was our OG Executive VP of Sales Mr. Holton Buggs who led the call and talked about what we have to do after a spectacular life-changing event like the STAND UNITED convention. For this week, we have OG Blue Diamond Mr. BASS GRANT hosting the call, and he’s bringing us back to the fundamentals of building our OrGano Gold Gourmet Coffee business. Take down notes during this call because it’s all about building a solid foundation for the growth of your OG enterprise and business network.


With greetings to Kenya for their Grand Opening that happened last Saturday, OG Blue Diamond Bass Grant dives straight into this week’s lesson on building the OrGano Gold business. He specially mentions additional tools for this task, such as the Coffee Connoisseur Club and the From the Ground to the Cup 2 DVD.

One important thing OG Blue Diamond Bass Grant wants to emphasize in this call is that we have to know the business. You have got to know the business! It didn’t escape our mentor’s notice that there are people who don’t about our Back Office, have not logged in, and have not gotten their powerpoints (available in English and Spanish). This is a business, ladies and gentlemen, and it is important that you know and check with the Back Office.

OG Blue Diamond Bass Grant also refreshes us on the various plans and tasks included in the OG system to help us with a success in OrGano Gold. There’s making the list of your prospects, for example, that is extremely important when you’re building your network. There’s also the 20/20 Plan and the 4 Steps. Mr. Bass Grant especially wants us to realize that not everyone on our list will say yes, and not everyone is the same in reaction to the OrGano Gold income opportunity. Realize that there are people who just want to buy coffee, and will pass on becoming an OG distributor. We should also realize that, in the event that our prospects sign up in the business, they will not learn the business at the same speed. For some people, it takes some time before they get it right and succeed in the business!

There are laws OG Blue Diamond Bass Grant shares to us in regards to building a solid foundation for our OG enterprise. Two laws are made clear in the beginning:

  • A recruit is not a recruit until they are Dual Team qualified.
  • A leg is not a leg until you have driven it 4 levels deep.


Blue Diamond Bass Grant also emphasizes the importance of your personal and professional growth. In building your OG business, it is important that you yourself are motivated and focused on what needs to be done. This is just as important for your team or network as it is for the growth of your business. Be the motivator for your group by being motivated yourself!

Mr. Bass Grant continues to share more laws on building your OG business throughout the rest of the call. With so many of the laws and within the time limit of the call, he manages to cram the laws and explains them as quick as he can while making us understand the importance of the each law. From the necessity of goals and a vision, to the need to be focused, to the significance of listening and conversing with prospects, to showing the plan and having mentors… Every law is a significant step to OG success! Be sure to listen to the call again on the Millionaire Mentorship Call replays in order to listen to each and every law from our Blue Diamond mentor.