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Simplicity Works Best
Shane Morand: Equal-Opportunity Etrepreneurship

This article focuses on OrGano Gold Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand. It covers how he started in the printing and publishing company, and then moved on to work with Anthony Robbins. Then he was introduced to network marketing by Jim Rohn, and he developed a passion for the industry. It wasn’t until 2008 when he met with OrGano Gold Founder Bernie Chua that he thought that he found the perfect product! They then proceeded to build and expand the company with great help from OG VP of Sales Holton Buggs. OrGano Gold is now a globally admired company and is still growing and growing!

The article also provides insights on Shane Morand’s personal development as a master networker and leader. He is a follower of Napoleon Hill’s principles in Think and Grow Rich, and has helped incorporate these in OrGano Gold’s system.


OrGano Gold in Direct Selling News Magazine
February 2012

OrGano Gold was featured in this special edition of the Direct Selling News magazine, February 2012 issue. The articles tells of how the company came to rise from among the starter companies in the direct selling and network marketing industry, under the leadership of OrGano Gold Founder and CEO Bernie Chua, OG Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand, and OG VP of Sales Holton Buggs.

Among the vital points in the article is OrGano Gold’s 3 components of success:
1. The miracle of Ganoderma
2. The genius of coffee
3. The power of leadership

These three components are each explained more in the article, as well as how each of them catapulted OrGano Gold into a most admired company in the network marketing industry.





В Екатеринбурге мультимиллионер научил 600 человек продавать кофе
( In Ekaterinburg Multimillionaire Taught 600 People To Sell Coffee )