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RightNow Magazine Cover Contest



Do you want to own a vintage RightNow Magazine cover, signed by our Founder and CEO Mr. Bernardo Chua?

Of course you do!

Starting on Monday, June 22nd, we will be uploading our entire collection of RightNow Magazines to the Organo Gold Publications App.

Every Monday over the next 7 weeks, we will release one of our vintage RightNow Magazines, in all three languages. Then, all you have to do is share something from the app to social media with the #OGAppContest to be entered into a draw to win that week’s magazine cover, signed by Mr. Bernie Chua himself. It’s that easy!

Note: You can share ANYTHING from the app to be entered. You are not required to share an article or image from any particular magazine or newsletter.

For a tutorial video about how to share content from the app to social media, click one of the following links:


Here’s the RightNow Magazine we will be uploading on Monday, June 22nd. This was the first ever RightNow Magazine that we published and the cover shows the 2012 P50K event in Las Vegas, Nevada.




Once the magazine gets uploaded on the Monday, you will have all week to share content from the app to be entered. You can have unlimited entries so don’t feel the need to stop! At the end of the week, on the Friday, we will choose a winner and send you the signed cover in a frame.

This is the first time in our company’s history that Mr. Bernardo Chua is signing old magazine covers. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of history!

To download the Organo Gold Publications App for free, click one of the following three links:

Google Play


Source: OG Official Blog – OG Family