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CONGRATULATIONS to STEVE and RHONDA MARTIN for becoming BLUE DIAMONDS! They have been a part of OrGano Gold since we started and all their hard work, belief, and determination has certainly paid off! This is truly a remarkable event because not only have they reached the Blue Diamond status, they are also the FIRST CANADIAN BLUE DIAMONDS in the history of the company!

Let me share a snippet of what new Blue Diamond Rhonda Martin sent:

“Its really amazing – it hit us last night as Marianne announced it on our team call. Going Blue is an indicator that our strong belief, our decision and action are heading us into the right direction.

The 44 months it took us to build a strong foundation to Diamond will take us quickly to our pinnacle – We are so excited and very focused on Black for December.

Reaching this goal will allow us to motivate this Canadian team even more and keep them focused on reaching and stretching for their successes – they truly are a dedicated bunch.”

Steve and Rhonda Martin live in Calgary, Alberta Canada with their two boys. They are both Diamond Consultants in Organo Gold and are also founding members of the company. They continue to share the OG opportunity in many countries, not just Canada, and they look forward to inspiring their team and potential leaders in following them to the Diamond Club!


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