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What Is Ganoderma?

OrGano Gold Log Harvested Ganoderma

OrGano Gold Log Harvested Ganoderma

Ganoderma The Wonder Mushroom (Herb) that Withstood the Test of Time in China for 4000 years. Now re-discovered by the Western World.

For over 4000 years Ganoderma Lucidum has been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for Ganoderma is Lingzhi, means “spiritual potency”. The Japanese name for Ganoderma is Reishi and is regarded as the King of Herbs.  Dr. Shi-Jean Lee,the most famous Chinese medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, strongly endorsed the effectiveness of Ganoderma in his famous book, Ban Chao Gang Moo (“Great Pharmacopoeia”). He stated that the “long-term taking of Ganoderma (Reishi) (Lingzhi) will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life.”

Natural Log vs. Plastic Bag Ganoderma

Now there are many companies around the world attempting to harvest Ganoderma but BEFORE you purchase Ganoderma there are a few simple things things you need to know so you do not get fooled by cheaper imitations or artificial Gannoderma.  Take a few seconds here to understand the  difference between Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma and Plastic Bag Harvested Ganoderma.  Now most Ganoderma available around the world is the “Plastic Bag” variety and you need to know Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma is MUCH more potent and effective because it is harvested in accordance to the laws of pure Nature… if you can find a 100% Certified OrGanic Log Harvested Ganoderma, well you may have just hit the biggest jackpot in your lifetime! Try it TODAY, Your Body will Thank You!

The NEXT thing you want to ask for is the Ganderma Spores. Companies who market “Plastic Bag” Ganoderma do not have the capabilities of producing spores because they harvest the Ganodrma in plastic bags and the natural phenomenon of spores does not occur.  Be sure to ask if the Ganoderma is Plastic Bag or Natural Log Harvested and ALWAYS choose the Natural Log variety.  It is said that Natural Log Harvest Ganoderma is the Closest thing to Nutritional Perfection found in Nature. So what’s that worth?

The OrGano Gold Ganoderma Difference

OrGano Gold is the only Company in North America who has partnered with the largest 100% Certified OrGanic Ganoderma plantations in the world to bring this “Treasure of Life” to the people of the world. OrGano Gold and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of their $240 million Gano Herb Industrial Park, making it the largest in the world.

How can you find some “Natural Log” Ganoderma?

Simply contact an independent OrGano Gold Distributor and they will step you through the process of becoming a Ganoderma customer and or ask about the possibilities of becoming an OrGano Gold  distributor and earn a lifetime of residual income for introducing this powerhouse of nutrition to people you know, love and trust. OrGano Gold, the World’s Leading Brand of 100% Certified OrGanic Ganoderma.



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  • Jerry Esposito

    what is the exact quanity of ganoderma used per sachet of balck coffee.

  • Melanie Gray

    Agree Ganoderma is excellent herb . I am a nurse who blelieves in natural health .
    More information about this herb

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  • Dxn Ganoderma Reishi Lingzhi

    DXN Ganoderma…

  • Dxn Ganoderma Reishi Lingzhi

    Ganoderma lucidum

  • XpressOG
  • Munendra Kumar


    Is the GANODERMA is useful for a mental retardation 9 years old boy(Which brain is not growth)

  • Squad Kang

  • Simeon Nava

    Is incredible how our health is in one Sachet of coffee, and our Ganoderma Lucidum Pills, god bless Mr. Barnei Chua, to make this great product that everyone drink with out creating an habits, i am bessed thanks to Mr. Chua. THANKS.

  • Simeon Nava

    Hi Mrs. Munendra, i am not sure if you already got a respond about you question but i will recommend to use our (Ganoderma Chocolate) for you child, i personally have at home and my kids enjoy it every day and they have not problems at all with memory issues, if you like also i will recommend to get from us the (Ganoderma Lucidum Pills) are very helpful in memory lost, questios contact me at, or check this site where you will find a lot of information.

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  • Dominic DiGiorgio

    enough to fill a cup

  • Gail Cooper

    this product really works it helps you to forces be alert and lose weight please try it i have and it really worksand if you are a diabetic like me you going to really enjoy this good for swelling and for your joints as well and its all natural its called organo gold the natural herb 100% it comes in black coffee mocha latte green tea and red tea

  • charles

    Hi…..this sounds exciting. How much of the gano is in your coffee or tea products and is there a daily amount you recommend?

  • charles

    I just noticed this is the same question I asked but the answer is not what we asked. Is it 1mg, 100 mg or 250 mg?

  • Dominic

    its a secret recipe but its enough to generate close to 1million distributors in 5 short years and plus all the customers.

  • Dominic

    enough that I “coincidentally” haven’t been sick in the year and 9 months i been drinking it compared to being sick 6times in 2011. So however much is in there is enough for me

  • Marie Jacquelyne

    Mycelium is excellent to oxyginate the brain and also for the blood circulation of the brain..I have 3 brain tumors & since using the Mycelium, I do notice a difference.

  • Marie Jacquelyne

    I like your Harveyscoffehouse.. inviting mine i blackgoldinurcup :)

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  • Gaby

    Hello Charles,
    The ganoderma in our products, has not been found any side effects, the longer you consume it and frequently in your coffee or tea, will improve your health, however I can tell you it, gives you over 300 phytonutrients and 150 antioxidants, for more info:

  • Robson Costa

    Olá! Infelizmente não temos esse beneficio maravilhoso no Brasil. Gostaria muito de fazer parte desse time e ter a qualidade de vida que todos merecemos. Sucesso a todos!
    Robson Costa

  • Atay

    great products ORGANO GOLD