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This industry is designed for people who want to change their lives, and most network marketing companies offer comprehensive personal development training as well as the nuts-n-bolts of what it really takes to build a business.

THAT is the reason you want to attend any event you qualify for!

The nuts-n-bolts are often taught at these events from the leaders who are making things happen. So if you want to know how to produce a result, you’ll often hear the answer at an event.

I think one of the most powerful reasons to attend events is found before and after the daily schedule and in the breaks.

Because this is when you have the chance to hang out and socialize with other people in the same business who are excited and who are serious about making incredible things happen.

This is the time when you can actually discover the “leaders” and top income earners are just ordinary people – just like me and you. Nothing special. With the exception they made a decision to build and they just got busy.

They put the work back into the work from home equation, canned their excuses and took consistent action.



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    I was wondering if there was a way to find the dates of weekly meetings or any events in Holland?

  • dmacck77

    From:  Douglas M. Gibson            Are there any weekly meetings/live events scheduled in the state of Alabama?   I’am currently residing about 50 miles from Birmingham, Alabama.

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  • Letizia Kubinger

    Hello Mr. Morand, please can you tell me, if there is a possibility to get the OG coffee in Uruguay, and if I can make the business there????

  • Where can I buy pre-sale tickets for OG France event on April 21st?

  • Mr. Shane Morand, I expecting huge respond from indonesian market. The audiences keep asking when it will be open in Indonesia. Please advice.

  • Julio Ramos

    I would like to know where and when are the meetings in the Philippines…

  • Jae Baxley

    I would like to know where are the meetings in Kirland, Bellvue, Seattle Washington located? What time do they meet?

  • Courtney Gillens

    Hi Jae, I’m in South Florida, but check out this link: That’s actually on my website, but you can get connected with distributors and leaders there if you find an event close…

  • Jorge Benevides

    This is the time when you can actually discover the “leaders” OG !

  • Rose Cassidy

    Hey Mr. Morand, An OG customer is flying to Toronto this weekend for two weeks to visit his family in Canada. He is purchasing some product from me to take with him for his family to sample. His goal is to share with them in hopes of getting them to join the business as they are big coffee drinkers as well as business people.

    Are you able to assist in finding a CJM they can attend during the first two weeks of August to broaden their awareness and understanding on Organo Gold

  • Audrey Israel O. Deopante

    Good morning! We are having Coffee Business Meeting in every City in the Philippines. To get just started visit my facebook page and click the button “like”

  • Tanya Nelson

    Can someone tell me where the events are held in Seattle, Wa area?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Eddie

    Hello I would like to know the next meeting of OG in the UK. Thank you.

  • Steve Sodell

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  • Lucy

    Hi Shane, I was wondering about events in Toronto Ontario? Is OG big here in Canada as much as it is in the USA and elsewhere?

  • Jess & Judy Nielsen

    Can you please pass on the date in January for the next event, so we can plan to be there for sure. My mother passed recently and we can’t make the October event which we were looking forward to going. We are planning ahead.

  • Omyda K-Ali

    Hi, can someone confirm if CJM’s are held at 6 Belmont Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica…

  • Godfrey Manorajan

    Any Meetings in Sydney ……….. ?

  • sharon

    any meetings in Sydney or Brisbane at all please

  • i love organo gold company.

  • Rhoda Phiri M

    just feel so great to be a part of this team

  • Aretha Wright

    Ready for what is happening next!!